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Erin Owen, JD
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Erin Owen heads up Professional Fiduciary Services’ San Diego office.  Erin is a trustee and private fiduciary today after spending 17 years practicing law.  Her trustee and private fiduciary practice focuses on serving trusts
with current administrative needs where the grantor is still alive as well as where estate settlement and the next generation trust administration are required, trusts that include business ownership and/or business succession
issues, and trusts with unusual assets that may create legal issues. Erin’s practice is “high touch” and well suited for a client who seeks the acumen of an institutional trustee but desires more direct access to the trustee and the administration process as well as for co-trustee relationships with institutional trust departments.

Over the course of her legal career, Erin represented private and family owned businesses and the executives owning or running those businesses. Since 2005, Erin’s practice has focused particularly on estate administration, probate administration, succession planning and tax issues related to the transfer of wealth.

Erin’s experience specifically includes the administration of high net worth estates, trusts and estates involving family run or owned businesses, estates that own unusual assets or assets that create unusual financial, business and legal issues as well as managing and resolving needs related to adult conservatorships and administering probate proceedings.

Beyond the scope of trusts and estates, Erin’s legal training includes defending privately owned businesses in legal disputes and counseling clients on matters that involve various types of real estate, oil and gas leases, securities, business torts, intellectual property issues and identifying and protecting assets.  Erin also has recent experience counseling private equity firms on various compliance matters affecting private equity offerings and investments.  Erin’s broad exposure allows her to readily identify issues that may arise in her fiduciary role, manage those issues and get the right kinds of legal and professional help for the estate and its beneficiaries in the most efficient and productive ways.

Because Erin’s clients have always been privately owned businesses and the individuals behind those businesses, Erin’s skills include the ability to counsel clients on legal matters while keeping in mind the more personal needs of the individuals behind the legal issues.

Erin holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern California and a Juris Doctorate from Pepperdine University School of Law, where she was a member of the Pepperdine Law Review.  Erin is working on her Master of Laws in Taxation at University of San Diego.

Professional Fiduciary Services is a select group of individuals who serve in such fiduciary capacities as trustee, executor, conservator, agent for the Advance Health Care Directive, and Durable or General Power of Attorney for Asset and Property Management. The vision of PFS is to offer ethical, qualified and personable independent fiduciaries who work together to provide quality service for their clients.


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